Sleeping Beauty

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    Not good enough. These three words can have fatal consequences for anybody. They can be as fatal as the wish of the evil fairy was for the newborn princess in the fairytale ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I’m not good enough because I don’t have the right skills, expertise, credentials, degree, or talent. I’m not good enough because I am too …

Dancing with Life

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    Having spent most of my life as an ‘expat’, I’ve met many people who choose to live as foreigners. Most of us are not political or economic refugees. We live in an alien culture, even though we don’t have to. Perhaps we are social refugees. We move to another country to get away from social structures that make …

Empathy is Love in Action

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    Ten days ago the first Empathy Museum opened in London. The event was launched with an opportunity to literally walk a mile in the shoes of another person while hearing their story. At the Empathy Museum there are the shoes of a banker, a marathon runner, a sex worker, a farmer,… perhaps a refugee? The opening of the …

Creating your own World

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    When you want to create your own world — presumably with the intention to be more at home in your own life — it’s an act of creation. As humans we are in principle capable of such a creative act. For millennia mystics, and other wise people have been saying that everything we want in life can be …

Wisdom from the Wild Side

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  You are a change maker of your inner world. The discovery of virgin territory is one of the most exciting experiences anyone can imagine. This applies also to new territory in the inner world. Self-Knowledge Management and the Solosystem are sources of inspiration for change agents of the inner world. We look forward to your visits and comments.