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Veronika Bond

I am the author of The Solo System and co-founder of Self-Knowledge Management.

The Solo System is a creative model of human Consciousness. This may sound a bit abstract, but it’s actually very practical and relevant for everyday life.

The Solo System is a kind of atlas of the inner world of our Consciousness. It developed over a period of nearly 2 decades through daily inner work. So I could almost say that “we’ve grown up together.”

In the beginning it enabled me to process traumatic experiences and use them as a catalyst for inner growth. Later it became a loyal companion, helping me whenever I felt stuck, by ‘giving me’ surprising insights. Now I can’t imagine life without the Solo System anymore.

Self-Knowledge Management was born out of the work with the Solo System. This would not exist without the significant and consistent collaboration with Joshua Bond, my husband and travelling companion on the inner journey.

The practice of SKM draws on the homeopathic principles without using any remedies. It is not a therapy, but a gentle, regenerative discipline to foster the healthy growth of human Consciousness.

I am a linguist and homeopath by training. I used to work as a freelance translator, interpreter, therapist and teacher.

My current work is also influenced by biomimicry, yoga, transpersonal psychology, process work, Native American Medicine teachings, the writings of many original thinkers, and my subjective personal life experience.

I love labyrinths and dance, weaving, spinning and knitting, the thoughts of Jean Gebser, the music of Rüdiger Oppermann, growing organic food, and children playing in the garden.

Now I work as a full-time writer and researcher. There is still lots of work to do on bringing The Solo System to completion and developing Self-Knowledge Management.

You can currently connect with me via our Inner Journey Project pages on Twitter and Facebook, and via this website. You can buy my books on Amazon, and read my articles and download some of my work on and


Joshua Bond

I am a co-founder of Self-Knowledge Management and editor of The Solo System.

I remember the first sketch of a Model of Human Consciousness drawn on a whiteboard in our dining room. It looked like an egg with 8 layers. I immediately knew it was something precious.

Veronika explained that they represented different frequencies of human Consciousness, and that any experience gets converted into different kinds of information in these 8 layers.

I can’t say I understood it at the time, but I loved it. The Solo System resonated with me at a deep level. It was obvious to me that this model was a unique discovery, and that it had the potential to make a significant contribution to the understanding of human Consciousness.

I have also been the beneficiary of the Solo System since its early days. It has enabled me to do literally hundreds of small paradigm shifts, first with Veronika’s expert guidance, later on my own.

For me one of the greatest gifts of the Solo System and SKM is that they allow me to continuously tap into an inner source of creativity by converting subjective experience into profound insights. It has stimulated and nurtured my gift of poetry.

I’ve studied mining engineering, done a Masters degree in robotics, and a PHD in philosophy and technology. I’ve worked as an engineer, stay-at-home dad, lecturer in business ethics and inventor. I’m also a Fellow of the Royal Society and have trained in the F.M. Alexander technique.

I love kinetic art, poetry, the music of J.J. Cale, the work of Jacques Ellul, people who do their own thing, and beautiful gardens.

I’m currently working as a poet and contributor to the development of SKM and The Solo System. I regularly publish poems on and post recordings of them on soundcloud.

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