About Self-Knowledge Management

What is Self-Knowledge Management?

Self-Knowledge Management is a gentle discipline for the expansion and regeneration of your Consciousness.

SKM is not a therapy. It is a creative and autonomous practice to support personal and post-traumatic growth by taking one small step at a time.

SKM is also a field of enquiry designed to help us explore our inner world and become familiar with the delicate and complex living organism we call Consciousness.

SKM is an invitation to all independent travellers on the inner journey to create personal maps, design your own itineraries, develop unique navigation instruments, and travel at your own pace.


What does Self-Knowledge Management do?

Self-Knowledge Management gives a voice to the silent and suppressed majority of your inner world. With SKM you can train yourself to listen to your subjective experience and learn from it.

With SKM you can learn to communicate with your own thoughts and feelings, dreams and beliefs, your questions and wishes, your actions and your stillness. They can teach you everything they know about you.

SKM is designed to restore the balance of the inner ecosystem by giving attention to the parts that are out of balance.

SKM is a practice that encourages gender equality, tolerance and compassion with all living beings in the inner world. It may radically change your experience of life.


Who is Self-Knowledge Management for?

SKM is for independent travellers on the inner journey. It offers reliable tools and resources for the solitary exploration of the inner world.

SKM is also for holistic practitioners, therapists, counsellors, coaches and bodyworkers. SKM can take your practice to a whole new level.

For independent travellers on the inner journey:

You appreciate the value of personal growth; you are not looking for a therapist or guru; you are looking for a way to integrate inner work into everyday life.

You may have experienced trauma, and would like to use it as a catalyst for your personal growth.

SKM is designed to help you find your own answers to your deepest questions. Through regular practice it serves you to resolve acute everyday problems as well as chronic dysfunctional patterns. It also guides you to establish a solid connection with your own inner source of creativity.

For holistic practitioners:

You are committed to your own personal and professional development. You love using natural methods to support yourself and your clients in a sustainable way.

SKM offers innovative tools and resources based on homeopathic principles and organic gardening methods. It inspires creativity and encourages you to develop your own unique tools and resources using your professional expertise and personal experience.


What Are The Benefits of Self-Knowledge Management?

SKM allows you to take command of your own life because you’ll understand yourself and your life’s purpose.

You’ll know your place in the world and direct your life in communication with your personal experience.

The regular practice of Self-Knowledge Management raises your self-worth. By continuously expanding your horizon you increase the quality of your Consciousness, which you’ll experience as growing appreciation of your life and yourself.

SKM enables you to participate in the natural urge of your Consciousness to grow. There are many benefits of this practice, including:

You restore and maintain the healthy equilibrium of your inner ecosystem.

You learn how to cultivate your own inner resources in a sustainable manner.

You activate dormant potential and develop gifts and talents you didn’t know you had.

You strengthen the functions of all Faculties of your Consciousness (the Faculties are Will, Soul, Inspiration, Intuition, Imagination, Instinct, Intellect, and Body).


How is Self-Knowledge Management different?

Self-Knowledge Management takes a holistic approach to organic personal growth.

With roots in homeopathic medicine SKM offers access to natural resources and ways to restore and maintain your inner ecosystem.

SKM uses subjective experience as a natural, sustainable, renewable source of energy and information.

The practice of SKM is a non-invasive regular workout for the whole living organism of human Consciousness. It stimulates the healthy growth of our entire living system from the inside out while making beneficial contributions to our environment.

The practice of SKM is a continuous journey of discovery. We never assume to know the answers to existing problems. We have no standard solutions to human struggles, which are as unique and new as they are ancient and common.

With SKM we don’t need to shy away from the difficult issues in life anymore, because we’ve got the means to handle them with confidence. We courageously face our daily mess, troubles and hardship and convert all of it into fuel for a more acceptable life.


Where does Self-Knowledge Management come from?

Self-Knowledge Management originates from the Solo System.

The Solo System is a creative model of human Consciousness, conceived and developed by Veronika Bond.

It was born out of one woman’s resolution to take life into her own hands and use traumatic experiences as a catalyst for personal growth.

It started as a search for truth, turned into a ‘way of self-knowledge and inner wisdom’, and developed a life of it’s own.


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